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About ZotCare

With ZotCare you can run your cybernetic health system:

  • With Zero to little programming knowledge
  • Quick time to production
  • No deployment or maintenance
  • Flexible toward your type of study
  • Use your own logo and branding

ZotCare provides services for researchers to run a cybernetic health study through a simple dashboard. To initiate your study you need to start a new group, customize the services based on your study, and start recruiting.


ZotCare System Overview


Services in ZotCare try to cover what researchers need to run any type of study they want. Main components in ZotCare service architecture are:

  • Data collection & processing:
    • Supporting direct synchronization of raw data (Samsung & WearOS), Indirect API synchronization (Oura, Fitbit, Garmin), Behavioural data (Aware)
    • Embedded with common data processing, feature extraction, and fusion methods for raw and processed data
    • Gives researchers ways to create their own data processing pipeline
  • Events & Logic:
    • Integrate your own modeling, intervention, triage, or logic into ZotCare using events system
    • Optimized for performance
    • API integration with outside servers
  • Interactions:
    • Come up with your own way of interacting with participants
    • Utilize variety of forms of interaction to create your questionnaires, interventions, reminders, etc.
    • Use ZotCare’s components and make personalized and interactive interactions
  • Profiles, personalization, and progression:
    • Use user profiles to personalize your models toward each participant
    • Let participants choose how they want to be involved with your study
    • Use group and user profiles to add progression into your study
  • Actions:
    • Use interactive actions to communicate with participants
    • Use modeling actions to update your inference models

ZotCare Service Architecture