About me

Sina Labbaf

My name is Sina Labbaf. My nickname is LABOOOOX (It's a long story). I am a fourth-year B.S. student at the University of Tehran (UT). My major field of study is Computer Engineering - Hardware. I've recently started working part-time in Pegah as a full-stack developer. (Pegah is the provider of some services for mobile-platform games and apps). I am currently looking for a supervisor for my graduate studies.

I've worked in various fields during my bachelor and I gained some useful experiences from them. However, what was interesting to me, was not only getting involved in course studies and projects. I needed time to explore and find answers to my questions, to build things that I think can help people. Then, I get to work and I realized that money is the most important thing in most companies, not creativity. Thus, I decided to apply for a research graduate study.

If you want to know more about me you can take a look at my resume.
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